The ultimate public speaking training technique. In every format.

The Flip the Fear of Public Speaking technique teaches you how to channel the fear of public speaking into energy and enthusiasm. Based on five proven principals, Flip the Fear will give you the confidence to excel in any situation, when you need it most.

Paperback to Podium.

No group meetings required. Read the book, do the exercises, flip your fear. The most comprehensive version of the Flip the Fear of public speaking tips and technique is contained in the book. Gain the edge on your corporate and academic competition while building lifelong skills of confidence, energy and enthusiasm…   Read more »

Speech planning gone mobile.

Never be unprepared again. Flip the Fear mobile gives you the opportunity to take the Flip the Fear of Public Speaking training techniques with you to the office, meetings and on the road. Plan an emergency speech and prep for any presentation, anytime, anywhere. Read more »

Flip the Fear, live.

The ultimate speech training workshop is now available for your office, school or event. More than a motivational speech, Flip the Fear live gives you the opportunity to bring the creator of the Flip the Fear of public speaking tips and techniques to deliver her groundbreaking public speaking principals to you, and others, personally. Read more »

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Is it ok to be scared?

First of all, the answer is YES. When we think of “overcoming fear” or that the fear of speaking might prevent a speaker from accomplishing a goal, fear is labeled as negative. In ...