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Using Locus of Control in Public Speaking

An article by Fred Kofman describes the essence of “locus of control” as it relates to taking responsibility of personal actions: “Ability to respond does not mean guilt. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the situation. What matters is that you see yourself as able to respond, improve and learn when confronting the situation.”

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Is it ok to be scared?

First of all, the answer is YES. When we think of “overcoming fear” or that the fear of speaking might prevent a speaker from accomplishing a goal, fear is labeled as negative. In this context, fear is rarely thought of as positive, however I argue that fear has amazing positive potential. It is the speakers

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7 Methods for Improving Public Speaking Success Through Effective Practice

Practice, practice, practice. Everyone knows that practice is important. To “flip the fear” of public speaking, practice is essential. Even more essential, is specific, positive practice that builds on strengths and boosts confidence. In the book Influencers, Patterson et al. (2008) describe methods for deliberate practice, building on the concept originally outlined by Anders Erickson.

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