Official Launch Press Release Now Live

Official Launch Press Release Now Live

Today marks the launch of our first official press release and distribution to major media outlets.

To view the entire press release please click here. or you can read an excerpt from it below.

Oct 24, 2012 – Kissack and Kissack Inc., Canada’s newest entrepreneurial publishing and distribution start up, today announced the release of the public speaking Guide:Flip the Fear of Public Speaking ©. This guide is the first in a series that present practical, proven principles for transforming the terror of public speaking into energy, enthusiasm, and the power to persuade.

Julianne and John Kissack have come together and have played off of each others strengths to create a product that not only helps people with public speaking anxiety but has also revolutionized the industry by having it available on all major formats that include paperback, kindle and iPhone/iPad.

The fact that John Kissack also owns and operates a Canada based film and video production company places Kissack & Kissack Inc. in the unique position of being able to create a dynamic, multi-platform advertising campaign at a minimal cost. Utilizing television broadcast commercials, 3D motion graphics and a finely tuned web presence, Kissack & Kissack Inc. is able to create awareness of Julianne’s groundbreaking technique through effective and engaging formats in a way atypical to the publishing industry.

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